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Our Philanthropy

Enjoy the Arts in the Bronx


W.I.S.E. Youth History and Vision

The opportunity to provide a foundation for the youth of today, the voice of tomorrow became clear to me thus emerging as the birth of WISE Youth Mentoring program in 2004. In 2005 the program entered into a partnership with SBCC Inc., however was restructured in early Feb. 2005 and is currently in the process of establishing 501(c)3 status. I have rededicated myself in 2005 to being a vessel of wisdom in the community by humbly sharing the reality of my versatile life experiences. Along with the vision that the Lord has established in my heart as my purpose, goes a deeper passion for change amongst adolescents in the urban communities.  As a single mother who has confronted broad issues ranging from autism to domestic abuse, I am committed to the reform of guidance and counseling in public education. I have a particular interest in introducing youth mentoring programs to schools in an effort to promote self-awareness and academic achievement. As a result of my own experiences, I am familiar with the instabilities that can hinder inner-city students from acquiring the tools necessary to succeed. Often, a student’s progress is inhibited by the lack of structured guidance in various homes as well as in schools. They grow motivated by their destructive environments instead of by the internal factors that are often not properly stimulated and nurtured by society. Therefore, I am confident that accessibility to guidance and counseling classes and mentor outreach programs based in schools can bridge the gap between hope and despair. This is my potential vision for W.I.S.E. Youth Mentoring Program.

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W.I.S.E. Youth

Our Purpose

As a first-generation Puerto Rican girl growing up in the Bronx in the 80’s, I never really thought I was that special. I believed that the world that I witnessed around those brick walls were all that existed. I possessed an extremely vivid imagination and displayed exceptional intelligence in reading/writing comprehension and communication skills. As I matured, my interests spanned into the vast components of the field of arts and humanities. I was unaware of the possibilities behind the knowledge I owned and it’s ability to provide escape from the alleys I faced and opportunity to provide change for others. Eventually, I gained focus and soared above my expectations into the vast sea of the arts and communications. Somehow, I can recall carrying on philosophical and often passionate conversations with my mothers’ girlfriends and constantly being dismissed from "grown up" conversations. Eventually, I was labeled and misunderstood as possessing character flaws and eccentricity, when in actuality I was a gifted, creative mind in need of an outlet. Unfortunately, programs that introduced guidance through the arts were scarce in my schools; therefore my eagerness to experience more of how others also expressed their human spirit grew feverishly. Something rather profound was planted in the mind of a pigtailed bookworm, searching for a world in paperback, handed a life wrapped in hard cover.

Our Mission

W.I.S.E. Youth (Ways to Inspire Self-Empowerment in Youth) is a partnership between positive mentors and interested adolescents to motivate, stimulate, and develop personal awareness, self esteem, and necessary skills for self-advocacy and empowerment. Through our creative yet introspective group/individual activities, each youth is offered the opportunity to become an essential part of the program as well as to develop the knowledge and skills that can be applied to their daily lives. We will facilitate the journey to the ways of knowing self by aiming to promote proper decision-making; opposition to high-risk behaviors and suggesting active alternatives to improve lives as well as to redirect negativity. Broadening their definitions and perceptions that mainstream society has imposed; we will encourage youth to express themselves freely through the arts and humanities. This program will adhere to the standards of a safe, supportive environment where their voices are heard and their individual strengths are nurtured.


Ways to Inspire Self-Empowerment in Youth
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